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Our History

Milton H. Northrop

Northrop High School is named for Milton H. Northrop, the first principal of North Side High School, serving from 1927 to 1953. Prior to opening North Side, he served as the head of the business department at Central High School for 11 years. He began his 37-year career in education at Kendallville High School. He was known as "Pop" or "Dad" and urged students to discover that good citizenship and conscientious effort toward scholarship were the best guides to success.

Northrop offers Project Lead the Way - Engineering (PLTW) as its Program of Study. PLTW is a dynamic high school engineering program that provides real-world learning and hands-on experience to students interested in engineering, biomechanics, aeronautics and other applied math and science fields. PLTW courses use project-based and problem-based learning, creating an environment for applying engineering concepts to real problems. To learn more about the program, visit Project Lead The Way.

Northrop also offers four years of French, German and Spanish. The school has an award winning marching band, show choir and speech team, among other extracurricular and fine art activities. Advanced Placement and dual credit courses with Purdue-Fort Wayne are available for juniors and seniors, and future teachers can participate in the Teaching Academy, a two-year program that gives students hands-on opportunities to explore teaching as a career. The school was built in 1971. Students who attend Northrop come from Shawnee and Jefferson middle schools. The school is located in the Board of School Trustees District 1.

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Northrop Statistics

List of Principals Barb Ahlersmeyer 2021-Present Liz Bryan 2000-2021 (interim) Erica Almas 2019-2020 Jason Witzigreuter 2016-2018
Kevin Simmons 2014-2016
Barb Ahlersmeyer 2003-2014
Timon Kendall 1993-2003
Dr. E. Sharon Banks 1991-1993
Dr. H. Douglas Williams 1979-1991
Robert Gotta June 1979
Dr. Sandra Todd 1974-1979
H. Paul Spuller 1971-1974

Year Established: 1971 2018-2019 Enrollment: 2108

Sports Classification: 6A Football
4A Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer
Total State Championships:
IHSAA Conference: Summit Athletic

Famous Alumni
Heather Headley
Dan Butler
Jon Schaffer
Josh Gaines
Eric Wedge
Matt Land

Bruin Tales

  • According to some sources, the originally proposed colors for Northrop were Pink and Grey
  • The originally proposed mascot was a mastodon