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Northrop Schools of Success

At Fort Wayne Community Schools, we are committed to transforming education to ensure students are ready for life after graduation, whether they enroll in higher education, enlist in the military or enter the workforce as an employee or entrepreneur. Through our Schools of Success powered by 3DE, Northrop students will have experiences connecting their core academic studies with real world relevancy. When students enter Northrop High School as a freshman they will be sorted into houses which will act as their support system throughout their freshman year as they start learning about the career paths available to them at Northrop, Amp Lab and the FWCS Career Academy.

Northrop Key to Success


9th grade students will begin their high school careers in the Freshman School of Success
following the 3DE model. This innovative education initiative connects core academic learning with real businesses to develop the following skills: collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, critical and analytical thinking, cultural agility and self-direction. Through the Freshman Seminar course, students will learn more about their interests and skills so they have the confidence to choose the School of Success and pathway in which they will study. 

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Starting in 10th grade, students will be scheduled within their School of Success for core classes that are aligned with their chosen pathway. Students will also be able to continue to choose electives outside of their pathway, such as arts or world languages. The chosen pathway will be integrated into core classes to provide real world relevancy to the required academic standards and establish amore engaging learning environment.

Northrop School of Health Science and Human Services


Northrop School of Health Science and Human Services


Northrop School of Business and the Arts

YEAR 3 & 4

In 11th and 12th grades, students will continue taking core classes and classes specific
to their chosen pathway in their
School of Success. The courses will become more advanced with
options for dual credit, Advanced Placement courses and internships. Depending on the pathway selected, students may take courses on-campus
at their home high school or
off-campus at Amp Lab or the FWCS Career Academy.